January 25, 2022


This message is the continuation of yesterday’s message.

We are discussing about the standard or target that God wants to build in every believer’s life.

  1. The Holy Spirit will always cleanse our lives from any conflict, hatred or selfishness.
  2. The Holy Spirit will always heal the broken hearts, and free His people from the pressure in life and intimidation.
  3. The Holy Spirit will lead us in alliance with other righteous people who love the truth.
  4. The Holy Spirit will place us under the covering of a spiritual father to adopt the divine life that God has built in his life.
  5. The Holy Spirit will equip us in order to accelerate in our fellowship with the Father.

Many Christians do not have a close and living relationship with the Father. Their relationship is just a mere religious ritual. In fact, this is the essence of the Christian life, our relationship and dependence with Heavenly Father.

When we are personally connected to the Father, we will always have His Word from the throne room. His Word will be the way in our lives, and the Holy Spirit will guide us according to His Word to always grow progressively.

He will lead us to inherit the Father’s heart, from there we will receive divine passion. And as we continue to give our lives to the work of the Word and the Spirit, God will turn that divine passion into our profession and finally into a vocation, a field that God blesses through our daily work. We can recognize the territory God has set for us to grow and bear fruit or make an impact for His kingdom.

  1. The Holy Spirit will lead us to have a life that is useful every day.
    The Holy Spirit will lead us to leave a vain and frivolous lifestyle to a useful life. He will tell us personally in detail which parts of our lives need to be changed. When we obey His guidance, our lives will be upgraded to be better and more useful.

1 Corinthians 10:23 (NET)
“Everything is lawful,” but not everything is beneficial. “Everything is lawful,” but not everything builds others up.

Ephesians 5:15-17 (Indonesian Simple Translation)
Therefore consider carefully how you live. Do not live as unwise, but as wise. I mean, you have to use every opportunity to do what is right because the days are evil. Do not be foolish, but be wise by understanding what the Lord’s will is.

  1. The Holy Spirit will lead us to manifest Christ in our daily lives.

God’s desire for His church as the temple of the living God, is to manifest His divinity and sovereign power. The presence of Christ in us, the hope of glory, will truly be manifested through and in our lives as His temple.

Live a life in the year of 2022 with an understanding of God’s will and follow His ways. This year is a year of acceleration for His people to become and function as the temple of the living God. Pay attention on how we live everyday that manifest Christ for the glory of the Father and His Kingdom. Make sure to align our lives with the divine standards or God’s will that He wants to build in our lives.

Let the works of the Word and the Spirit be poured out strongly, massively and real in our lives. Let it be done in Jesus mighty name! Hallelujah! Amen!

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