July 17, 2023

There is still a ‘window of opportunity’ that God has provided so that we can enter into a life that is not shaken and is actively involved in completing God’s will as one body of Christ.

I found that this is closely related to the motivation of one’s heart in following the ‘reformer that God has ordained’. When we continue to maintain ‘self’, the window of opportunity will pass us by.

Check the motivation of our hearts! What are we looking for? What are we pursuing in this movement that God is raising up? These questions are very important, because as long as we still think we will become a ‘superstar’ alone, we will automatically be eliminated from the window of opportunity that exists.

Suddenly I saw two visions:

1. There are many ‘new people’ with no personal ambitions and only want to complete God’s will. They are not looking for a stage for themselves, but they are quickly collaborating with other brothers without ‘looking for names’.

2. I saw that there were small children who entered the window of opportunity. They can enter freely one by one without difficulty. Very agile and fast without burden. God then explained, those are people who easily believe and just obey.

This morning I again prayed asking for the Holy Spirit to continue to guard the inclinations of my heart. I just want God’s existence and accomplishing His will only. Walking with the reformer in accomplishing God’s will. It is actually a journey of death from self as well as a life to please God alone. No other motivation!


Ps. Steven Augustinus

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