Purifying the Church: A Path to Spiritual Renewal

God’s desire is to position the church to be a place of shelter and sanctuary for mankind. But first, the Father must ensure that His church continues to be accurately connected to Himself. The church must first be cleansed of all defilement, disgrace and blemishes.

Church must also constantly associates and ‘scrubs’ itself with truth and spiritual dimension that comes from the Father until the accurate spiritual dimension begins to be born as well as influence and build the live of believers, acknowledge that the spirit of accuracy (the spirit of judgment) and spirit of impartation (spirit that burns is an element that is able to change a person’s nature or basic character) will be poured out by the Father for His church.

All this time the church has been defiled and contaminated by:

• The work of the spirits of the world that make believers to live in worrisome, to live in the dependence of money.

• The deception of the devil that makes believers to hold inner conflicts, heartaches, disappointment, grudges, and many more.

• The wrong attitude of the heart that is still being carried by that person, which is the tendency of the heart to take initiative and rely on his own strengths.

There is a work of the Word and Spirit taking place that reveals, exposes and changes the nature of the lives of believers to become:

1. To grow in the accurate knowing of God.

The Spirit will condition the lives of the believers to live only from His Word, which is to believe that Father always plans good things for us. Even when things don’t go well for us, we still believe that God’s hand is at work to bring us goodness! And there is also always a portion of blessings that the Father has provided for us who love Him.

2. To condition believers to always live in the coverage of divine peace and joy.

Having the ‘eyes of the heart’ that are more focused on the reality of the Word and not stuck in constantly observing physical data and facts. Having a mouth that continues to speak the Word and the things one believes, not the negative feelings that are stirring in his life.

3. To condition believers to live in full connection and dependence on God and His word.

Through the fundamental changes that His people are experiencing, believers will always enjoy the coverage of God’s glorious veil! The daily lives of His people are always covered in the glory of God!

I pray that the spirit that judges and burns continue to work in the lives of believers and ensure that there is no more work of the spirits of the world, the deceitfulness of the Evil one or the habit of self-reliance that continues to overshadow the lives of believers!

I declare, let the work of the Spirit that changes the nature of the lives of believers is built more evidently! The divine reality in daily life and the reality of the life of Christ will become more evident, it come to pass!

Ps. Steven Agustinus

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