September 7, 2023

God teaches determination to stay on the path that has been taken:

  1. The training to build spiritual man must continue to be guarded, maintained and improved.
    Because this is what keeps us victorious in all things. No matter how hard the condition of the world will never be able to destroy us. Instead we will become much stronger than this world!
  2. Saying and declaring the Word must become a way of life and the first response in dealing with negative data and facts.
    No matter what we are dealing with, the work of the Spirit and the Word will change our nature. We will instantly speak God’s promise and resound it (say it over and over again) until we experience the fulfillment of the promises there are.
  3. Build a unanimous determination and decision to fill your heart and mind with the Word.
    Reading the Word and writing them down as well as imagining them will become a permanent way of life that cannot disappear in all situations and circumstances.
  4. Interaction with the reality of God will also become an unstoppable determination and a prevalent thing in daily life – our interaction with God’s reality will become very evident!
  5. Our determination will be so firm to believe what God has promised!
    The main thing is God’s promises become the existing standard of life, so we will see God is also working to condition the environment around us to move to fulfill God’s promises.
  6. We will not allow bitterness and numerous negative emotions to enter our hearts.
    We only have one determination, to stay connected to the reality of God!

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