August 31, 2023

I felt the hand of the Holy Spirit constantly laying hands on me, even during my sleep last night I could feel the flow of ‘God’s presence’ touching my heart. I felt like I was dreaming and was in an ‘other realm’, but when I woke up I got an understanding and direction:

1. The laying on of hands by the Holy Spirit does not talk about anointing, but the formation by God’s hands.

He is teaching us to be a ‘humble’ person and know our true identities in Him. So that in all situations we cannot be shaken by the attitudes and responses of other people. We know for certain that we are walking in God’s ways, but at the same time, we have a heavy dependence on God.

Thus, we have the consciousness that our life is all due to God’s grace and His goodness. We never consider ourselves superior to others, but we know for certain that we are indeed different from others. So we will never doubt God’s way that we are taking!

2. The Holy Spirit is continuously directing my eyes to see and pay attention to the roots or foundations.

The purpose is for me to continue to build and be rooted in the foundation of the Word. Even though many people have built a life that soars high, this should not fool me. Because true growth or establishment is in God’s hands. My part is to stay focused on the Word and connect with God’s reality. This should be a solid attitude in my life. Because true success is determined by or with whom we are connected.

Just assure that our spiritual roots are firmly rooted in God’s Word and reality. Get rid of, throw away, even think of it as trash all the concepts of success that the world offers! This act will make us focus only on the reality of God and His Word!

3. The Spirit is building permanently a consciousness of the reality of God.

I realized more and more that I need consciousness of the reality of God. The more the reality of God is real, the more I need it. I understand more, that God is not just the One in the clouds or the spiritual realm, the whole universe belongs to Him. He wants humans to feel and even see His presence.

In the beginning, man’s relationship with God in Eden was very close and real. Humans can feel, touch and communicate using their physical bodies. That is what will come real again for us who believe in Him. God will use us for other men so that they can experience the same thing.

What is the satisfaction of life on earth? Can’t those outward things satisfy us? Man is continuously seeking satisfaction outside of God, thus creating an evil living system. Men fight over perishable things, now is the time for us to focus on eternal things, namely the reality of God. The more God is real to us, the easier it is for God to manifest Himself through our lives.

I realize more, when we interact with the Word, indeed, at that time we are interacting with God Himself. Therefore the Spirit will give us power as children of God! Not just to demonstrate power, but for us to realize that access to interaction with the Father is open widely. Whenever and wherever we can always be connected to Him!

This connectedness differentiates us from others. If we have God, why should we pursue other things? It’s time for our lives to focus only on Him and accomplish His will. God’s presence will lead us to walk in His ways. Continue to persevere in contemplating the Word, because it is God Himself that is very real to us.

Ps. Steven Agustinus

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