July 6, 2023

When we read the Bible every day, many chapters, with perseverance and a heart that is hunger and thirst of God’s reality, we will discover that there are understandings that God has given us with different spiritual dimensions that enter and are kept in our minds.

  1. Be assured, that it is a true treasure that will be very useful for life now and in the future.

Our lives will function as a ’spiritual food storehouse’ in times of thirst and need for God that is sweeping the nations. From our mouths will come out the Word of eternal life that will save and deliver the lives of multitude of people.

  • When we are reading the same story and repeats it in different books (especially the Gospel), the Holy Spirit is actually closing the gaps and even removing the spirit of familiarity from us.

At the same time, our perspective of understanding will be made broader. Hence, the power of our understanding will be more solid! This is what makes us unshakable and can’t be lost in the midst of a ‘crooked heart’ generation (having self-righteousness). We will be raised by God to be an UPRIGHT GENERATION in the midst of a crooked generation!

  • The benefit of reading the Bible diligently and being thirsty of the Word is the perseverance that cannot be replaced by ‘technology’.

The enemy will continue to strive to ‘destroy interest in reading’ particularly towards the Bible. That would be considered as normal, the Bible is made to look like a ‘book’ which is not interesting at all.

Numerous reasons are raised: Starting from the sentences are inflexible, no pictures in it and many more. This is the reason from hell that is being broadcaster and seems to be the reason for the ‘majority’ of a lot of people. Be aware, it’s the propaganda and deception of the devil! Continue to spread the joy of reading the Word, because this is an important part of the process of growing

faith that overcomes the world!

4. Suddenly the word ‘propaganda’ speaks strongly in my mind.

The devil’s propaganda continues to be played. He spreads excuses especially among this young generation with phrases ‘don’t understand’, ‘too high’, ‘;too heavy’, ‘doesn’t land’ and so on. The devil keeps on spreading this and seems to make these excuses for the majority of people.

That is propaganda, that the Bible is no longer a priority in reading and is eventually abandoned. As a result, this generation is easily misled. The propaganda also continues to ‘attack’ those who carry the true voice of God! This generation is made as if they ‘don’t understand’ of the Word! So adjustment is needed that in the end the WEIGHT of true UNDERSTANDING of a WORD AND SENTENCE faces a DECREASE in order to make them understand! That is the devil’s propaganda, as a result this generation will continue to be mild and live their lives displeasing God’s heart!

  • Continue to spread and transmit the joy in reading God’s written Word and hearing God’s voice with the proper weight from servant of God who carries the divine pattern.

Ps. Steven Agustinus

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