Building a Spiritual Ladder: The Power of Prayer

Since the Breakthrough Moment event which ended a few days ago, which was held at Breakthrough City Church (the church I lead), the Holy Spirit has continued to make the verses in the books of Acts 2:11 and 1 Peter 2:9, “we hear them telling in our own tongues the mighty works of God”, kept echoing in my heart or mind.

Specifically, the Holy Spirit has given direction so that we can all start praying for the prophetic verses that He has revealed since the Prophetic Direction event last January until the Breakthrough Moment event yesterday.

1. In the Words that the Holy Spirit reveals, there is a spiritual access that will be activated through prayer and strongly influences our daily lives.

Through the word we pray for, we are actually building a spiritual ladder to activate various divine activities in our lives! (Genesis 28:12).

There will be many interactions with heavenly beings that we experience in our daily lives! This is part of the covenant that God declares He will do in our lives regarding the many great deeds that God has done in the lives of His people!

2. In the prophetic words that the Holy Spirit reveals, there is a divine dimension that will influence and make our daily lives manifest Christ in all His fullness.

The Holy Spirit will work in such a way in our lives or minds and ‘create’ every divine element (divine nature) that we haven’t had so far that various qualities of life that we need are birthed (piety or Godliness) to always please the Father’s heart (John 1:3). The construction of divine nature and godliness in our lives, is another manifestation of the great deeds of God’s hand that apply to our lives.

When we pray the prophetic word that the Holy Spirit reveals, there is a kind of divine life that the Spirit will impart into our hearts and begin to manifest in our daily lives (John 1:4-5).

Often, the perception that we have about experiencing great deeds from God’s hand, always oriented towards a number of problems of life that we are facing and God’s hand must fight for us to give victory after victory over all problems that are there.

Whereas in fact, to experience great deeds from God, it doesn’t always start at the level we are facing problems, challenges or mere struggles in life. But even when our life is going well, we can still experience God’s great deeds! When God establishes our existence among ‘strangers’, or promotes us to be ‘much higher’ among ‘nations’. It is a form of the manifestation of God’s great deeds in our lives.

Let’s start diligently to pray verse by verse that the Holy Spirit has revealed. Enter the ‘spiritual portal’ that will lead us to the world of God’s wonders in our daily lives.

Ps. Steven Agustinus

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