Living in God’s Reality: The Key to Eternal Life

This past week, I feel there’s a strong grasp of God’s reality. As if there’s a hand that grabs my heart wholly and impeccably. That only makes my attention only attracted to the work of His Word and Spirit and the rest feel ‘bland’.

The Holy Spirit confirms :

1. That matter is natural, it is precisely like that the condition of our daily life should be.

2. Follow what is the drive and desire of the Spirit.

Even if you have to give up other activities for the sake of having an encounter with the reality of God and His words, just obey them without any consideration

3. God wants us to focus on activities in the throne room or in the presence of God, not on the ‘noise’ of the world. Leave this realm of ‘noise of the world’ and focus on living only from what God says.

4. Our true habitat is the reality of God’s presence, the mind plays an important role to remain in His Spirit.

Discipline our minds to think about the things of His Spirit. Don’t allow to be drawn to think about many worldly things, reject various ‘excuses’ even though they seem to make sense and reasonable.

5. I feel, we are in the ‘border line’ : Do you want to live naturally or supernaturally?

The Spirit wants us to jump joyfully into the supernatural portal He has provided. Enjoying all the works of His miraculous hands happening upon our lives.

6. The life of this world is very monotonous, self-centered and like a wheel that always ends in death.

Born – school – work – have a family – then finally die. Turn down a life like this, because it is not God’s plan. It’s a self-imposed system. It’s only natural that we do whatever based on the word that God says and our lives will be eternal in God’s reality!

7. God seems to urge strongly to live only from His Words.

All this time we claim to live only from the Word but are still in the shell of the system of this world. This is the time for us to be free and get out of the shell of the world and allow His word to rearrange everything we do. Despite of in contrast from the life system of this world, our part is just to believe and obey. God will bring us out of this world system and into His Kingdom system.

8. Stay connected to His Word and Spirit.

Just focus on contemplating His Word and build awareness of the reality of God so that it become much stronger in gripping your heart. This is true life satisfaction in Him which cannot be replaced by anything the world gives!

Ps. Steven Agustinus

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