I found out how important training of building spiritual man to be ‘installed’ perfectly into our lives as believers. If this ‘training’ is actually practiced accurately, then various ‘problems’ which often ‘can endanger the existing movement’ do not need to arise.

As an example, the problems are:

  • Flesh and humanity2
  • Envy and jealousy among spiritual brothers,
  • Lack of a thirsty and hungry heart for the truth which often results in a lack of accurate understanding or slowness in hearing and doing the Word
  • The search for recognition of who is the greatest among brothers
  • And other problems.

If we really build a spiritual man as written in the book “Building a Spiritual Man”, so that the same spirit can exist within us, then it is certain that our lives will provide divine benefits in the movement.

Imagine, when we pray in the spirit and declare the Word with all our heart, soul, and strength without any time limit but the standard is until the reality of His presence grips our hearts, we are automatically crucifying the flesh and self that remain in our lives.

Through building spiritual man, we are killing the flesh by the work of the Word and the Spirit! That alone is enough to make us walk straight in the movement.

It’s like I have been made aware that the process of training to build a spiritual man is what is often ‘missed’! There are many reasons not to do it completely and perfectly. Usually associated with existing body fatigue. As long as there are many reasons to do the training thoroughly (training from start to finish), then there will always be devil’s tricks that can ruin our lives.

Training to build spiritual man for me is Spirit and life. This is LIFE AND DYNAMO of the movement that often only to be imitated without living it. In the end, it only brought up people with problems (they thought they were aligned, apparently their hearts had divided from the start!)

I found that there is no other way to unite the movement together than to have the same spirit. Without the same DNA, the movement will never be in harmony!

Ps. Steven Augustinus

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