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August 15, 2023

I keep feeling that there is a huge wave of water in my spirit that is being released by God. The roaring sound is very big, like sea water that rolls high and wide.

At the same time, I could feel God’s reality that was increasingly consistently gripping my heart. I am more convinced that God’s agenda will definitely be fulfilled. A revival is coming and it will restore the lives of many. It can no longer be stopped, because the current is so big and so strong.

The Holy Spirit confirms:

1. Align existing inner emotions with the revival God has released.

Make sure our spirits are burning in response to the great movement that is about to happen. Keep seeing what is reality in the spirit. Don’t be distracted by anything in the outer realms!

2. Don’t allow negative facts and data to change our mood, guard our hearts with all vigilance.

No matter how ‘bad’ people treat us, make a decision to live life with joy and continue to focus on the movement that God has ordained! Keep practicing until you become proficient at quickly forgiving other people’s faults! Don’t make humans a source of joy, because it will surely disappoint! Focus on the true source of joy, which is the Holy Spirit!

3. Maintain a lifestyle of reading the Word, building spiritual man, and worship.

Often speak in tongues. Don’t mind what people say: “Too loud”, because that’s just trash talk. Continue to focus on prayer in the spirit until our spirits are burning. We have enjoyed concrete results in building spiritual man. For that, we must continue stronger.

4. The wave of revival is something very real.

Get ready to be the portal of revival. I see our existence as a huge dam that is being opened ready to flood cities and nations! The capacity of one of us can irrigate one city!

So, focus on always increasing your existing spiritual capacity so that it always brings out a heavier flow of living water every day. Don’t allow anything or anyone to block the flow. Make sure to keep shining through eternity!

Ps. Steven Agustinus

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