February 23, 2023

How important it is for us to be able to understand our demeanor and way of hearing God’s Word, especially on Sundays when we worship in a church that is built according to the divine pattern. Where the deliverer of the word conveys what is in God’s corporate heart. There are common goals, directions, and joint work in it that we must do together to fulfill God’s plan.

The problem that has been happening so far is that audience of the Word come to worship with an individualistic manner. They only think on how to be blessed and run their personal agenda successfully. They assume that God has personal plans for their own success. Oftentimes it is always tied with blessings, money, as well as success in their work that makes their lives better.

That has become the targets that people chase in their lives. God’s Word confirms us, that we immediately experience renewal of mind from the world’s individualistic mold, and immediately take a stand to merge into the corporate agenda as a body of Christ that has been dedicated to accomplish the will of the Father! That is the daily life that we must live, and that life is our TRUE WORSHIP before God (Romans 12).

Therefore, we need an accurate attitude of heart and mind when we are in a local church that is built according to the heaven’s pattern.

How is the attitude of the heart:

  1. Come in thirst and hunger for God’s Word.

With a determination and awareness that what we need is God’s Word and reality. That is the attitude that will activate the work of the Spirit and the Word that will cleanse our hearts from all contamination or mold of the world, so we can see and understand the Word from God’s corporate point of view (Matthew 5:8, 1 John 3:2).

Do not hesitate to ask the Holy Spirit, a heart that is pure and clean from all forms of personal agendas. It doesn’t matter how great we are, if we move individually, it means we are not part of the body of Christ!

At first I thought, people who continue to move individually are still part of the body of Christ, like the saying there is a ’lump’. An example of a disease is a tumor cell in the body. It is part of the body cells. But later this was corrected by the Holy Spirit. He gives me an illustration like this: a person who keeps himself healthy, by eating healthy food, exercising, and always have a joyful heart without conflict, can be sure that his whole body will be healthy! There is no chronic disease that can exist and grow in him.

That is the existence of Christ which is manifested through a spiritual father who continues to build or consume the work of the Word and Spirit, and actively completes God’s will: HEALTHY!!

So if in that one local church there are people who still busy completing personal agendas, with heavy heart I have to say that they are not part of a CORPORATE BODY!

This message will still continue tomorrow.

Ps. Steven Agustinus

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