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August 16, 2023

I learned a few things in the last few days:

  1. There are many believers who have many complex problems of life, when given a ‘simple’ solution it is considered too heavy, too high, and difficult to understand.
    Yet the solution is very easy to do: only by saying the promises or Words that we receive from God until the numerous negative emotions in our minds are eliminated, replaced with cheers and joy and peace. Then follow every direction that the Holy Spirit moves us to do. Simple isn’t it? What is so hard to
    understand? We just need to use our mouths to speak the Word of God!
    So, it is a deception from hell if we hear voices that says that God’s Word is too high and difficult to understand, that is a LIE! Our part should be carrying out God’s directions joyfully because we have found a simple solution to many complex problems!
  2. The spirit of competition is very dangerous in the midst of the movement:
    Wanting to find the position and response of who is the greatest! Just make sure we are sincere and become personality that is whole in the movement that God has established. Thus, whatever we do is not to seek praises from others. Weare certain that what we do is a form of obedience that we practice with all our heart, soul and strength! We have freedom within and peace which is inviolable
    by the enemy! On the contrary, we are grateful if there are other people who do God’s will far better than ourselves. We also support with joy!
  3. The offer of glitter and ‘glory’ of this world will be more intense through various social media platforms there are. These spirits are trying to pull people away from God’s way. They will compare what they are doing in God with people who do other things that look much more successful, comfortable, convenient, happy. So unknowingly they no longer enjoy doing God’s will! Even though true success is
    not because we get possessions, goods, and wealth, but whether our life completes God’s will and pleases God’s heart or not! So, for me it doesn’t matter whether I’m rich or not, what’s most important for me is to live to complete God’s will and please His heart. That’s it. Therefore, I will continue to pursue God and do His will with joy!

Ps. Steven Agustinus

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