June 7, 2023

For so long, the churches in Indonesia place their Christian center on the churches in America, so it is not surprising that many churches in Indonesia perform the same things on the stage. Such as the multimedia display with music concerts standard, preachers with celebrity looks, and ‘demonstrations of anointing’ that amaze the congregation. There is nothing wrong with that, for it aims to provide the best service for those attending.

The problem is if it becomes the standard of success of a ministry. As a result, the “small” churches that has no “capital” to provide, started trying in various ways. The leaders often feel small and insecure when they meet with ‘pastors’ of large churches and large congregations.

I found many churches are sick because they do not have a true pattern of growth!

1. I feel and am very sure, God is also moving in small churches to direct them to be connected with the church that has been built accurately according to heaven’s pattern.

The Spirit will encourage them to start pursuing God’s heart so that in God’s way, they will meet the man of the movement who carries divine patterns!

2. This morning I heard in my spiritual ears that there were many voices from remote areas crying out before God.

It was as if I heard God’s heart saying: “I heard their prayer and immediately answer and move for them. I will cause an explosion of revival there!”

3. I feel that God is weighing spiritual leaders.

Those who are found to be too ‘light’ (continuing to bring in the worldly mix) will be terminated by God’s own hand!

4. God is continuing to roll out the movement of believers, where God will use them to demonstrate miracles.

It’s no longer ‘powerful’ priests, but the ‘powerful’ congregation that God is raising to reveal the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven!

5. Connectedness with God’s reality will be the main thing, and God’s presence will be a very principle and crucial.

The Spirit will work powerfully so that God is felt and becomes so real in services and daily life. Hence, various non-essential things will be left behind casually! All hearts will be focused only on the reality of God’s presence. This is the essence of true Christianity, which is connectedness with God!

Ps. Steven Agustinus

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