May 11, 2023

When the Father pours out the revelation of the Word and the Spirit into the lives of believers to make them revivalists in the end times, He specifically targets on:

Building our identity in Christ

To be a revivalist for sure will encounter a lot of differences and disagreements in many foundational aspects compare to the pattern of daily life from the world. Some of them are the aspect of value and mentality of life.

As a revivalist our life automatically is built by God to represent the life of Heavenly Kingdom. We don’t live in the dependence of Mammon. But we live in the kingdom economy system that has been set by father Himself.

Without we truly understand of our being in Christ, we will tend to easily worry anxious or concern when we are dealing with the needs of daily life. The Bible clearly says that our being has been born again as a new creation even we have the title as the child of God Himself!

The creator of Heaven and Earth has positioned Himself as the best Father! So when He knows all of our needs, He automatically has provided everything that we need (Matthew 6:19-34).

The pattern of this world will keep on pressuring and forcing everyone to live in the dependence of Mammon. Meanwhile as a Revivalist, the Holy Spirit will bring us to live in the freedom from the pressure of Mammon.

The Spirit will take us to prioritize the interest or agenda of the Kingdom more than just struggling or working for our daily needs. All of our needs have been supplied by Father Himself because we are His children and we decide ‘to work only for Him and the interest of the heavenly kingdom on this earth’ (Matthew 6:33).

The life of a Revivalist is built by the power of Word and Spirit. Brought to have the dimension of connectedness with the Father and the reality of His kingdom so he is not trapped by the lure of the glory that is offered by this world. They have ‘seen’ the reality of the glory of the Kingdom so they decide to ‘pursue’ it until they really ‘own it’ (Matthew 13:12, 19:14).

Ps. Steven Agustinus

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