A GREAT REVIVAL is Coming ! – May 3, 2023

One night, as I was just lying down to sleep, I feel the Holy Spirit urge me to pray. After a while I pray, I heard the Holy Spirit say :

Understand the meaning of revival, that comes from the root word revive which means : to revive, resuscitate, invigorate, revitalize. So in simple terms, ‘Revival’ has a meaning the work of the Holy Spirit that makes the lives of believers resurrected, revived, resuscitate, revitalized, experiencing awareness or revelation that makes their spiritual life active again, becomes on fire in pursuit of the reality of God, and live out their Christian life – to love God madly, completely and all out with God (MGH), bringing forth fruit thirty fold (Matthew 13).

Directly or not, whether we realize it or not, we at Breakthrough City Church (BCC) have been born and raised in a revival atmosphere! Through various contemplation of the word, Virtual Sunday Service and prayers in the Prayer Group, we are encouraged and conditioned to continue to have a spiritual life that is on fire which is a typical life of a revivalist or someone who has experienced the work of the Holy Spirit in such a way.

that his daily life is always covered by the flames of the Holy Spirit and even begins to be used by the Spirit to transmit the same flames as he has to other people who interact with him. Have this ‘awareness’ You exist, grow and were brought up in a revivalist womb, so naturally you are born to be a revivalist!

There are so many believers out there, even servants of God who live their Christian life and their ministry life in lukewarm, without spiritual passion, even discouraged and no longer have the passion of love for God, for His people or His body or his church.

Everything seems to be lived casually, only in routine and ‘lifeless loyalty’. That’s why they really need a revival. Basically they desperately need us! Because all this time we are being built, and grown in an atmosphere of continuous revival! Every morning becomes an exciting day because of the abundance of grace and the work of the word and the Holy Spirit that continues to burn our minds!!

It is undeniable that there are certain people who will criticize what we experience and live in God. It doesn’t matter, it’s only based because the eyes of their hearts are still not open to see the light of heavenly glory that He reveals in and through our lives.

Just keep praying for people like that, no need to make it a polemic. There are still many other believers and servants of God who keep on searching breakthroughs for their lives who have lost God’s reality.

We pray and declare that the Holy Spirit will guide us to meet them, or vice versa, we ask God’s grace for them to meet us as bearers of God’s reality, end-time revivalists.

Thus, they enjoy the revival in their lives again. I believe, all we have to do is continue to persevere with what God has entrusted to us.

Sooner or later, these sparks of revival that continue to exist within us will invite many people to experience the same thing. From what was originally just a ‘spark’, it immediately mutated into a flame. Until in the end it becomes a big bonfire that will spread or spread everywhere without being stopped.

I believe, we will soon find our momentum so that this personal revival will spread to the lives of many believers or God’s servants. By maintaining the momentum that God has begun to bring, we will see a spiritual life full of divine passion – one who loves God madly, completely, all out.

This will be a movement that will bring about a great awakening among believers so that it is worthy of being called ‘a Great Awakening’. This is the forerunner for the transformation in Indonesia. Welcome to the arrival of revivalists and reformers in this country.

Ps. Steven Agustinus

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