September 12, 2023

There will never be progress in any area if one is not willing to make a sacrifice or pay the price.

1. An athlete will sacrifice his time, energy, and life in order to improve his skills. The goal, when competing will be a champion.

2. Professional: Doctors, engineers, lawyers, pilots, etc., make sacrifices by studying hard, and doing every school assignment to master their disciplines.

3. Servants of God, make sacrifices in the form of prayer, worship, and contemplation of the Word to experience the reality of God’s accompaniment in their lives.

These days there are ‘disruptions’ in various facets of life and spheres of work – including church ministry! However,  one aspect that can never be disrupted is the fact that men need the reality of God in their lives!

To have the Kingdom of Heaven as God’s servants (so that we have the right and power to ‘share’ the kingdom), ‘sacrifice or paying the price’ is required:

1) Build a lifestyle or heart attitude that is always dependent on His grace (Matthew 5:3)

2) Build a lifestyle or heart attitude that continues to hold the truth despite having to face a risk that makes you uncomfortable (Matthew 5:10)

3) Build the same heart attitude as a child has (Matthew 19:14)

*) Easy to believe

*) Sincere, innocent, no malice or cunning.

*) Enthusiastically responding to the fulfillment of promises, full of hope

Have the attitude of heart like Moses had: Without Your reality, I can do nothing (Exodus 33:1-17, particularly verses 15-16, John 15:1-8)

Ps. Steven Agustinus

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