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February 8, 2023

The Holy Spirit reminded me to diligently read the Bible:

1. Guard the thirst and hunger for truth

The more time we spend reading the Bible, the more thirsty and hungry we will be for the truth.

2. Obey whenever the Holy Spirit leads us to read certain verses or chapters in the Bible even tough we are in the middle of our activity.

3. Do not hesitate to stop for a while from our activity to read and declare the Word.

Build this habit in order for us to live in the presence of God’s reality.

4. Whenever the Holy Spirit leads us to read certain books to gain more knowledge of God, Do it immediately!

5. Encourage ourselves to read the Bible even if we do not feel the urge to read it.

Encourage ourselves to read certain verses or chapters in the Bible. At least do it every hour. Find things that make us interested in dig the bible deeper.

6. Contemplate and imagine the Word.

Do not feel weird if our minds filled with the Word, because that is how it should be.

7. Make notes for every understanding we get when reading the Word.

Even if it is just a short sentence, it does not matter, write it down. The more often we do it, the more complete our understanding will be.

8. Pay attention on the Word that speaks strongly in our mind. That is the weapon to defeat the attacks of the devil who try to ruin our moods and emotions.

Declare the Word until we can feel the flame of the spirit.

9. Hold on to the understanding that we received. Make it the foundation of our beliefs.

Even if it differs from the understanding of most people, do not be afraid and do not let go. Believe me, that is the only way to experience God’s sovereignty.

10. Keep the hunger and ‘addiction’ to His Word!

Because faith comes from hearing the Word and only by faith we overcome the world!

Ps. Steven Agustinus

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