May 19, 2023

I found an article that describes how John Wesley’s followers evaluate the condition of their hearts so the dynamic and manifestation of the Spirit of a revivalist and reformer keep on flowing.

For the record, through John Wesley’s ministry was born a great spiritual movement that eventually became known as the “The Methodist”.

The following are several questions that John Wesley and his followers always ask themselves when they are doing quiet times:

  1. Being aware or not, am I creating an impression that I am better than I really am? In other words, I live as a hypocrite?

2. Am I always honest in my words and actions ? Or I often exaggerate when I speak ?

3. Do I act “spilling the beans” the story, life condition or certain events from someone’s life who already asked me to keep it confidential ?

4. Am I a ‘trustworthy’ person ?

5. Am I being enslaved by clothing or physical appearance, friendship, job or certain habits ?

6. Am I someone who is being mastered by my imperfect well-being ? Controlled by self-pity ? Driven by self-righteousness ?

7. Is the Bible still alive in me today ?

8. Do I give time or opportunity for Bible verses to speak into my life every day ?

9. Am I enjoying my praying life ?

10. When was the last time I speak or share my faith to others ?

11. Do I pray or ask for God’s blessing on every expense and usage of money that I do ?

12. Do I sleep on time and wake up in the morning also on time ?

13. Are there areas in my life that is not obedient to His Word and instructions ?

14. Do I still do something that actually bothers my conscience ?

15. Are there areas in my life that is still facing defeat ?

16. Do I still have envy, impurity, criticism or dissatisfied, easily disturbed or irritated,easy to get offended, untrustworthy in my life ?

17. How do I use the spare time that I have ?

18. Am I arrogant ?

19. Are there people that I don’t like, afraid of, reject, criticize, ignore, hate ? If there are, what are my demeanor or actions ?

20. Do I often grumble or complain ?

21. Has the existence of Christ become evident to me ?

22. Has the existence of Christ in me become evident to other people who interact with me?

Do a self-evaluation using the questions above and make sure that our lives always please God.

Ps. Steven Augustinus

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