This morning when I started speaking in tongues, I could feel and see as if there were steps rising from me leading upwards. I could immediately understand that there was a different spiritual dimension to the tongues I was speaking.

Then I heard God say:

  1. I’m God will never leave you!
  2. My reality will always manifest through your life.
  3. My Word will always be in your mouth.
  4. Whatever I command you, My grace will accompany you completely.
  5. I will add authority and power to rule in the spirit to you every day.
  6. My care for you will always be perfect!
  7. You will never go down, but will continue to rise and shine brightly.
  8. You will experience supernatural interactions more and more frequently to reveal that what is not visible is more real than what is seen and greatly influences what will happen in everyday life.
  9. Your presence wherever you are will manifest My peace and joy that pass all understanding.
  10. Once again I emphasize: I, the Lord God, am faithful and will never fail! My promise has indeed been fulfilled! The enemy’s attempts to block will never be possible! Keep going in fulfilling My promise, keep believing and become stronger and unshakable. Live only by the Word that comes from My mouth! The authority of the power of My Word will once again be revealed through your life! You just have to speak My Word like I do!

Ps. Steven Agustinus


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