Bearing Kingdom Fruits: Pursuing the Mind of Christ

In the journey of our daily lives, whether we like it or not, we have to look at the fact that the fluctuations or dynamic levels of our spiritual lives are different. Even in one family, husband and wife can have different spiritual levels from one another. The husband can have a higher level of spiritual life than the wife, or vice versa.

We often regard the difference in the level of spiritual life from one another as a normal thing and do not need special attention. But in fact, these days God is raising up the manifestation of the ministry of the body of Christ, namely the congregation or church of God which is built in a divine pattern to manifest Christ in their daily lives (including the quality of life between family members, both husband and wife, or parents and children).

There is a divine standard of living which is the foundation and standard of life for His church in building a divine quality of life and living according to His designs and ways. God wants each of us to be able to increase our spiritual capacity, not only to pursue God in order to fulfill personal needs or goals but to pursue God’s reality and live according to His calling corporately.

This is the equalization of the Word that the Holy Spirit is currently working on to bring His church to life in divine standards and destiny. This is the time for God’s church to move from a humane and worldly lifestyle to a divine kind of life. Our hearts and minds must begin to be readjusted to have a tendency of the heart to only focus on the truth of His Word more than anything else in this world.

So far, the goals and life priorities of believers have been molded to follow the ‘ways’ of this world, namely focusing on pursuing the necessities of life, material wealth, position, popularity, and so on. God’s Word confirms that all these things will become like grass that will dry and flowers wither. On the other hand, for us, His church, who wants to live only from His Word, finds that there is God’s glory that will be revealed, and there is eternal life that God bestows forever.

When God utters His Word these days, the Bible says every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill brought low; the crooked places shall be made straight, and the rough places smooth, meaning that all differences in the quality of divine life among His people will begin to experience equalization by the work of His Word and Spirit.

All congregations will be brought and molded to experience the process and formation that conditions their lives to be upgraded in a divine standard of living. The inclination of the hearts of His people will be equally drawn to only pursue the reality of His presence and Word.

For this reason, God wants to ensure that each of His people must have the best condition of the soil of the heart, that is, every one of us who hears the Word will understand (Greek: ‘suniemi’). The point is that we want to unite our minds with the MIND OF CHRIST (DIVINE LOGIC) conveyed by the spiritual father (Matthew 13:19-23).

By having good heart soil, the seed of the Word will take root and produce kingdom fruits, either thirtyfold, sixtyfold or even a hundredfold. All arguments as well strongholds or every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God to the obedience of Christ (2 Corinthians 10:4-5).

The thirtyfold fruit described in Matthew 13:44-45 is like someone finding a treasure hidden in a field, or a beautiful pearl. This means that there is the work of the Word and the Spirit that conditions his life to love God and pursue the reality and His Word as the ‘most precious treasure’ that he desires and even pursues ‘desperately, whole-heartedly and all-out’ to get it.

Furthermore, the sixtyfold fruit is explained in Matthew 13:33 like leaven which, although a little, can leaven the whole dough. This means that through the work of the Word and the Spirit which continues to divinely mold our lives, our lives will condition and begin to impact many people. The divine life that begins to awaken in our lives will begin to be duplicated or multiplied by those who interact with us. That is the fruit of the kingdom sixtyfold.

Then, a hundredfold fruit is explained in Matthew 13:31-32 like a mustard seed, which is the smallest seed of all kinds of seeds, but when it grows it will become a large tree that can be a shelter and nest for birds in the air. This fruit is a form of manifestation of God’s sovereignty revealed to us. God will lift and promote us to become great people, God’s representatives to protect many people, have the capacity to take care of cities and even nations.

Continue to persevere in building a divine life, consistently condition the attitude of the heart as the best heart soil, so that the divine seeds that are sown will always take root, grow and then bear fruits to produce kingdom fruits. Make sure we continue to pray for the verses of the Word that God is speaking through spiritual leaders or fathers.

The time will come when the fulfillment of the book of Isaiah 40 will be fulfilled through our being as His church. God’s glory will be revealed and all mankind will see it. Amen.

Ps. Steven Augustinus

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