January 18, 2023

The prophecy about Immanuel was first delivered by the prophet Isaiah in the book of Isaiah 7:1-14. The condition was precarious and tense. All data and facts told that the kingdom of Judah was on the brink of a terrible war and destruction because of attacks from the kingdoms of Aram and Israel.

Isaiah the prophet prophesied the existence of Immanuel as the guarantee for the king of Judah not be afraid to face all the data and facts. Likewise, there should be an awareness of the reality of God who is always with us (Immanuel) and who rules our minds, hearts, and emotions!

Oftentimes God’s consciousness ‘disappeared’ from the lives of believers because they allow outward awareness (data and facts) to dominate their minds or else because ‘some areas of their life that are still inaccurate’ are controlling their lives.

For example, when Saul and the Israelites faced Goliath, they were terrified. They lost God’s consciousness because they were more aware that they were small and that Goliath was big.

In all kinds of ways, Satan tries to make us lose God’s consciousness. When a believer loses it, he is like a cellphone that is in a ‘blank spot’ which loses its function to be able to communicate or interact with God. He is in fact not connected to God even though he feels he does.

God’s consciousness can be defined as follows: A condition of life in which whenever our senses ‘give a report based on external data or facts’, then our thoughts, emotions, or minds give a response that is always linked or harmonized with God’s promises, revelations of the Spirit or God’s voice we’ve received.

Therefore, we will always enjoy the divine peace that transcends all understanding and continues to rule our thoughts, considerations, and decision-making areas so that whatever decisions we may make shall always be in line with God’s Word and agenda upon our lives.

Below are some examples of the manifestation of God’s consciousness:
Psalm 2:1-12
Psalm 3:1-8

God’s consciousness must be built in our lives perseveringly.

  1. Make sure we always ‘give more weight’ to every Word that comes into our lives.

Never be familiar with His Word. Once we do, we will immediately lose the benefits of the working of the power of creation we need which comes from God’s Words.

  1. Make sure that we diligently continue to speak every promise of God, understanding of the Word or revelation of the Spirit that we have received until our hearts are stirred.

Every time we read the Word and find certain verses ‘speak’, we need to involve our imagination and emotions in speaking those verses, until our inner man blazed. We are indeed ‘rubbing’ the Word in our hearts.

The stirring spirit implies a fire of the Holy Spirit that is starting to be lit within us.

  1. Continue to guard and prioritize our dimension of intimate relationship with the Father.

Learn to speak clearly telling every detail of our life to the Father, but do it under the covering of the spirit of faith and gratitude. So that we will easily receive the thoughts and Words of God. Amen.

Ps. Steven Agustinus

Let the birth and presence of God Immanuel continue to cover your daily life with His peace that surpasses all understanding.

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