May 5, 2023

I believe that the form of the ‘Great Revival’ that Indonesia will experience is not what we often see in various multimedia shows where many people gather and worship together in one place. Even if that’s what happens a lot abroad, it’s just an event that will always come and go! Even though there are several worship or service that takes place 24 hours a day and last for days or even weeks, these services are often not sustainable. The’revival’ that happens at the event only takes place and is centered on a ‘worship’, not on the daily lives of believers!

I believe that for the kind of revival that God will bring to Indonesia, instead it will focus on the activities of the daily lives of believers, not on their worship activities! The worship activities there are, will only be a mere trigger, and afterwards, believers will bring the fire of the movement and spread it through interactions with other people in their daily activities!

Imagine a small group of believers who, because of their connection with the reality of heaven, they have a daily life full of divine peace, and there is always a flow of joy in their daily life. There is a life of prayer or worship that becomes a distinctive feature of their life. While the daily life of most people out there is getting heavier, harder and more stressful. Of course the ‘distinctive life’ of the group of believers, will attract the attention of most people out there.

Through ‘chats between friends or neighbours’, people will ask if believers can ‘unlock the secrets of their different lives’. And through the ‘friendship factor’ the life of the Spirit will also be streamed in the form of prayers, directions, advice, even the laying on of hands! When the lives of people out there experience God’s touch, actually a momentum is happening in the lives of believers!

What they ‘bring and possess’ (the divine life which is full of miracles), starts to rub off and multiply in the lives of others. All of this happens not through anointed evangelists or spiritual leaders who are big and famous but instead it manifests through the daily lives of ‘us’; who are ‘ordinary and unknown people’ but because it has a connection with the existence of the Father in heaven, it is very well known by all the forces of hell or the power of death that work a great number in this world!

There will be so many testimonies of healing, life changing and numerous forms of recovery such as personal life, family, finances and so on. Testimony after testimony that continues to emerge will be like a momentum that is ‘looking for a way’ to become bigger and bigger so as to create a movement.

Personal revival that until now was only enjoyed by certain people, now can also be enjoyed by many others. Again I was convinced by the Holy Spirit that this is a rough description of a ‘form of revival’ that will take place in Indonesia.

Continue to develop the measure of faith and hope that we have and believe, you will never be a spectator of this movement that is coming. You are the main figure of this movement. You are the one God has ordained to bring this movement into life and pass it on to many others. It’s been a long time, God protects and builds your life in a revivalist womb, for sure, He will give birth to you as a revivalist! Amen!

Ps. Steven Agustinus

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